Yay, February is here and we've lots of new beers on the way. If you haven't heard yet our Grodziskie Polish Lager is now available. We have canned a very small amount that is only available at South Nut and soon at P. Nut. The beer writer Stan Hieronymus chose Chuckanut Grodziskie as one of the ten best beers of 2021! If Grodziskie isn't on tap now it will be soon but waiting in the wings is our Rauch Marzen. That's the amber colored beechwood smoked lager famous in Bamberg, Germany. Smooth and delicately smoky this is a great food beer. By the end of February we hope to have our Rauch Helles (golden beechsmoked lager) coming out and then we'll have a trio of smoke lagers for our March 5 Smoke Fest! Besides these three great smoke beers we also should have our award winning Helles Lager, a new batch of Dunkel Lager and our easy drinking, sessionable Chuck Light. Chuckanut aged Doppelbock will be tapped at both South Nut and P. Nut on February 12 for Valentine's Day weekend! Make sure to stop in this month and try all of these great beers . If you're lucky you'll find some cans and bottles in our locations too!


We are happy to report we'll be putting up our outdoor tent soon. Now you'll have a cozy spot in front of the Beer Hall to enjoy your beer if you don't want to be inside. We're hoping the worst of Covid is over and we can all come together again to enjoy our beers but this might help you feel more comfortable doing just that. We are also working on getting some food trucks (please let us know if you know anyone who might want to park out front), starting a Knit & Sip group and maybe some other gatherings! If you have an idea let us know, we love brainstorming events and making them happen!



Beautiful decorated Willi Becher glasses still available at South Nut. Each purchase supports the WA Brewers Guild!

February 12 Tapping Aged Doppelbock both locations, very limited this year!

February 26 Helles Fest at K2 Kulshan Brewing, Bellingham, Chuckanut and other Helles Lagers on tap!

March 5 WA Breweries Open House and Smoke Fest at South Nut noon-5 pm with tours, beer chat and tastings. Portion of funds raised goes to Disaster Relief Fund for Fire Emergencies

March 5 Smoke Fest at P. Nut includes Rauch Helles, Rauch Marzen and Grodziskie on tap. Portion of funds raised goes to Disaster Relief Fund for Fire Emergencies

Check our website and social media for updated information!


Pilsner, Kolsch, Asian Style Lager, Dunkel Lager, Helles Lager, Mexican Lager, Rauch Marzen Lager, Rauch Helles Lager


South Nut:

PilsnerKolsch, Dunkel Lager, Grodziskie Polish Lager, Single Hop Lager Adeena, Chuck Light, Scarlet Ale, Vienna Lager, Export Stout, Export Dortmunder Lager

P. Nut:

PilsnerKolschExport Stout, DunkelYellow Card Ale, Chuck Light, 

Single Hop Helles Lager AdeenaVienna Lager, Asian Style LagerScarlet Ale

Cans of: Pilsner, Grodziskie Polish Lager (S Nut), Kolsch (P. Nut), Single Hop Lager Adeena (P. Nut), Rauch Marzen Lager (S Nut)

Bottles of Vienna, Single Hop Lager Adeena, Dunkel Lager (P. Nut)

Get your Kegs (1/2 bbl and 1/6 bbl) at South Nut, lots of variety, call to find out, option 1 for Portland and option 2 for South Nut!



Events are back and we can't be more excited! We'll be tapping our aged Doppelbock on February 12 to celebrate Valentine's Day weekend. There's not much of this special full bodied, dark, malty rich dark fruity lager so supplies are limted. Bring your sweetheart and enjoy it! March 5 we'll be celebrating with Smoke beers. Chuckanut will have three different smoke beers available at both location to see how different each smoke beer really can taste. Rauch Marzen is the amber colored beechwood smoked malt lager, Rauch Helles is a golden Helles style lager that uses beechwood smoked malts and Grodziskie uses oak smoked wheat malt for a surprisingly light effervescent smoky lager known in Poland! Make sure to stop in and try all three as a portion of the smoke beer sales will be donated to a fire relief fund to help support their work!


To support your local Nut we've created 2 different T shirts, one for P. Nut and the city of Roses and the other for South Nut and its tulips! The shirts are available in two different colors, make sure to buy your favorite for your specific neighborhood Nut! Also our beanies are back, in four different colors!

South Nut Tap Room: 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington, WA

Monday-Thursday 3 - 7 pm and Friday- Sunday 12-7 pm

Chuckanut Beer Hall P. Nut in Portland (920 SE Caurthers St)

Sunday-Thursday 12-9 pm and Friday-Saturday 12-10 pm