British IPA

British IPA

British IPA

OG: 13.75 Plato ABV: 5.5% IBU’S: 55

Tasting Notes

Light amber, complex, dry, hop bitterness & aroma


By 1790’s, the British were established in India and needed beer, which was considered a staple in every household.  Brewing in India was impossible; it was too hot (this was before refrigeration.)  and beer that was shipped overseas spoiled on its journey.  George Hodgson, a brewer who was known for brewing the style of Pale Ale created a stronger version of his pale beer by increasing the alcohol content, fermenting the beer fully, and adding hops to hogshead (the barrel they shipped beer in) all this made the beer sturdier for the voyage.  Hodgson’s India Pale Ale arrived in Calcutta in fine shape-clear and bitter, with a big resinous hop aroma.  Chuckanut’s true British India Pale Ale uses British hops to create a clear, strong and gentle bitter flavor. Chuckanut IPA balances  its bitterness with a sturdy malt flavor and a clean mouth feel.


WA Beer Awards (WABA): Silver 2017

Food Pairing

Grilled meats, especially steaks, pork chops, and lamb chops are very good with India pale ales. Caramelization is the key, and the beer has the bitterness and carbonation to lift the fat.  They are excellent with roast beef, turkey, chicken salad, ham Italian cold cuts, burgers, and just about any toppings that you can think of.  Indian food goes great with a British IPA, and also works well with creamy dishes like chicken tikka masala.  Bring on the spices as the hops go great with coriander, cardamom and curry.  If you want to up-scale your British IPA enjoy it with pates or quiche or Goat Cheese Pie.  A British India Pale Ale will handle the spiciest of mustards, so bring on the sausages.  Certainly enjoy your British IPA with a classic plate of Fish and Chips!


Light Amber

Earthy, Fruity


Medium Bodied



Dry Finish

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