Citra Leaf Pilsner

Citra Leaf Pilsner

ABV: 5% IBU’S: 38

Tasting Notes

Blonde, grapefruit & guava aromas, effervescent


Citra Leaf Pilsner is a new spin on our classic Pilsner recipe. We took our tried and true Pilsner recipe and repalaced some of the classic European noble hops with a good amount of Yakima Cheif’s new American Noble Citra hops. The American noble hops are only the leafy part of the plant not the lupulin glands. The combination of classic old world noble hops and new world American hop leaf melds together to create notes of grapfruit, guava and a spicy bitterness.

Food Pairing

Chicken, spicy foods and rich soups are a great match to this hoppy, sparkling pilsner lager.



Grapefruit & Guava





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