Irish Dry Stout Ale

Irish Dry Stout Ale

OG: 10.75 Plato
ABV: 3.9%
IBU’S: 25

Tasting Notes

Dark, coffee & slight caramel taste, full flavor


Irish Dry Stout Ale is a direct descendent of Porter.  Porter brewers began brewing a stronger, more roasted version called Stout Porter indicating a heavier brew, which eventually became known as a “Stout” style of Beer. Chuckanut Irish Dry Stout uses roasted barley to create a firm bitterness, while waves of coffee, caramel and chocolate flavors fill the mouth on a sturdy malt center. Chuckanut Stout leaves a clean and dry finish with a subtle lingering of roasted grain.

Food Pairing

Stouts are very versatile with food.  The salty hams such as prosciutto di Parma pancetta, and Serrano ham are all incredibly delicious with Stout.  Corn beef and pastrami are a must, and there are few things that work better with a Reuben sandwich than a pint of Stout.  Bring on the charbroiled food, burgers and steaks on the grill are a near perfect match!



Roasted Malt Chocolate


Dark Roasted Coffee




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