New World Ale

Yellow Card Golden Ale

New World Ale

ABV: 5.5%
IBU’S: 40

Tasting Notes

Golden, aromatic, slight bitterness, medium body


This moderate strength Pale Ale is made unique by the use of new varietal German hops. Late additions of Ariana and Calista hops give this ale notes of white grape and berries. New World German Ale has just the right amount of hop bitterness not to over power the senses but to end your tastebuds on a slight bitter note.

Food Pairing

Great with unique salads, so don’t worry about dressing it with a strong dressing.  This beer loves spicy foods too, try it with a big plate of Nachos!



Fruity & Malty


Melon & Berries


Hint of Malt

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