Asian Style Lager

Asian Style Lager

ABV: 4.8%
IBU’S: 18

Tasting Notes

Straw colored, bready, sessionable, light body


Our Asian Style lager is fresh and easy drinking with a light body and color developed from the use of rice flakes, commonly used in this type of lager. Always crisp and sparkling, this lager is dry and nicely balanced with a touch of Noble hop bitterness making for a dry finish.

Food Pairing

You can’t go wrong with Chuckanut’s Asian Style Lager with any light salads or seafood. It pairs especially great with your favorite Asian Dumpling or any Asian style food. Try it for a true umami experience!


Gold North American Beer Awards 2019

Silver Washington Beer Awards 2019


Light Straw

Grainy & Bready


Soft and mellow

Slight Bitterness


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South Nut: Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

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