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We are looking for a BEERTENDER that’s passionate about Beer (especially Chuckanut) and loves to interact with customers. 

If you’re interested and available weekends please email a cover letter and your resume to [email protected] (Minimum wage + tips)

We are always interested in receiving Resumes for Assistant Brewer positions:

Location: Burlington, WA
Company: Chuckanut Brewery
Weekly Shift: 4 x 10hr (and some weekend cellar checks)
Compensation: $35-50k depending on experience

Job Description:

We accept inquiries for individuals who are interested in assisting in the production and packaging of award winning Chuckanut beer.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

We hire all levels of experience, from entry level to shift brewer. Focused more on interest, enthusiasm, and overall cultural fit than time in the brewing industry. This is a great opportunity for someone to enter the industry or jump into making world-renowned beers. Payment and initial duties depend on experience.

Required skills:

  • Be a kind, understanding, caring, mindful human
  • Be communicative, curious, detail oriented, and ask questions
  • Have a base level of time management and ability to multitask
  • Ability to think creatively, stay positive in difficult/fast paced situations, and
    committed to ensuring the highest quality Chuckanut beer.
  • Speak and comprehend English (Entender y hablar algo de ingles, y hablamos algo de espanol tambien)

Physical Ability:

  • Stand, sit, squat, and climb stairs for long periods (8-10 hrs a day)
  • Repetitive motions: Bend, twist, reach, and manipulation with hands, wrists, fingers.
  • Frequently move 55lbs at shoulder height and ability to help move up to 165lbs (we believe in the buddy system at the upper end and don’t require any single person to FULLY lift this amount)
  • Able to safely work in HOT and COLD environments
  • Able to safely work in noisy conditions
  • Able to safely work with raw chemicals
  • Able to work safely around large machines, heavy equipment, and tight spaces.

(Safety is important to Chuckanut and safety protection is supplied and encouraged)

Daily (possible) Responsibilities:

  • Move/handle grain
  • Cleaning Kegs
  • Operate a Forklift (can provide training)
  • Follow SOP’s to complete Cellar operations (recording data, cleaning/sanitizing equipment)
  • Follow SOP’s to complete Lab work (taking samples for measurement of gravity and yeast health)
  • Use math for measurements and calculations
  • Brewhouse assistance and possibly brewing
  • Packaging (kegging, canning, and bottling)
  • Ensure quality through QA/QC practices
  • Warehouse work (proper storage of raw materials and finished product)
  • Distro orders (composing orders based on invoices)
  • Eventually be added to weekend cellar shifts (typically an hour +/- each Sat/Sun about every 6 weeks)
  • General cleaning and maintenance of space
  • Participate in group setting (communicate with coworkers on a myriad of topics personally and professionally)

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary Depending on Experience ( ~$35-50k /year)
  • Free award winning Chuckanut Beer
  • Group health care
  • Paid time off: 40 hrs after 1 year and an increasing scale over time
  • Paid sick leave: 3 hrs/ pay period, 50 hr carry-over
  • Paid holidays: 5 holidays a year.
  • Flexible time off: ability to move days around and make up days based on schedule

Chuckanut is an equal opportunity employer and we make employment decisions purely on merit, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law. We want to seek to promote inclusivity and diversity and encourage all who are interested to apply. We eagerly await meeting you and best of luck to all.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and any other documentation you wish to [email protected] or feel free to mail or drop off your resume to 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington, WA 98233.

About The Company:

Chuckanut Brewery was started in 2008 by Mari and Will Kemper. Under the Kemper’s tutelage, Chuckanut Brewery has produced award winning German Lagers and Ales. We are currently are in expansion and will operate two brewhouses, 20-bbl and 10-bbl, with a projected increase in production up to 10k bbls/year.

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