OG: 11 Plato
ABV: 4.5%
IBU’S: 22

Tasting Notes

Dark brown, chocolaty, slight caramel, full flavored, smooth


In the 1700’s brewer Ralph Harwood in London came up with a beer that mimicked the flavor of a blended beer that was popular at the time. The hard working London porters favored this beer and it soon became known as Porter beer. Chuckanut’s British porter is dark and full bodied showing more roasted character than brown ale, but less than a stout. At less than 5 percent, this porter is not nearly so fearsome as it appears. Chuckanut Porter is surprisingly refreshing!

Food Pairing

The Chuckanut Porter is very versatile with food.  Plenty of roast in the porter is picked up from the char flavor of grilling, whether it’s vegetables or meats they all team up fabulously with Chuckanut Porter. Meatloaf is perfect with porter, and at lunchtime nothing is better than a Reuben sandwich and a porter.


Dark Brown

Chocolate, Caramel


Full Flavored

Aromatic Hops


Smooth Finish

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