Old Fest

British IPA

Old Fest

ABV: 5.8%
IBU’S: 25

Tasting Notes

Amber, malty, dry finish, toasty, balanced


Chuckanut Old Fest is an ode to Oktoberfest in the old tradition of a Marzen Lager style. Different from our regular Fest Bier this lager is maltier and more rich in flavor with an appetizing bitterness that serves to balance rather than challenge the malt underpinnings. Breadlike, malty sweetness and firm bitterness makes this traditional old style Oktoberfest bier very appetizing.

Food Pairing

The flavor of this beer works well with Oktoberfest style foods such as sausages and roast chicken! It’s great with roasted trout or reuben sandwiches! For a sweet treat let it accompany apple pie a’la mode for dessert.



Malt & Toffee


Toasty Goodness

Medium Bitterness


Dry Finish

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