Rauch Marzen Lager

Rauch Marzen Lager

OG: 13.25 Plato ABV: 5% IBU’S: 27

Tasting Notes

Balanced smoky flavors, rich, amber colored


It was wonderful in the 1700’s when clean tasting malts became available, but malt dried over wood fires never disappeared.  The heart of “Smoked” beer lies in Bamberg, Germany where Rauch Bier is the choice drink!  Beech wood is gathered from the surrounding forests and used to fuel the smoke houses where the malt is dried.  In Chuckanut’s Rauch Bier, rich malty smoke dominates the palate, with an undertone of fruity notes, while the beer finishes nice and dry.  Rauch is assertive, unique, fascinating, and surprisingly delicious!


North American Beer Awards (NABA): Silver 2014

Food Pairing

Barbecue is a natural choice to go with smoked beers.  Smoked meats, fishes, and cheese all match incredibly well.  Fresh bacon or braised pork belly can be delightfully paired with Rauch bier.  This all might sound like a little too much smoke, but it isn’t!  Rauch bier is a great food beer and heightens flavors of anything it is paired with!


Light to Dark Brown

Intense Smokiness


Fruity Notes

Low Hop


Dry Finish

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