ABV: 8%
IBU’S: 28

Tasting Notes

Black, roasty, coffee, full flavored, toffee


This year Chuckanut made an Export Stout with notes of coffee, roasted malts and chocolate. A small addition of oats amp up the creamy mouthfeel without becoming overly sweet. A velvety smoothness coats the palate with notes of chocolate, hints of biscuit and toast. The malts in this Stout are an international affair with Pilsner, Munich (German), Chocolate and Roast Malts (UK and Argentina) and Oats (USA). German hops provide a clean bitterness while accenting the roasted flavors. A perfect Stout for our wet weather! An Export Stout has a higher ABV so that it could be transported on long ocean voyages and get to harbor in better condition. Careful this is deceptively smooth for a high alcohol ale!

Food Pairing

Versatile with food Stouts are wonderful with rich and salty foods. There are few things that work better than a Reuben and a pint of Stout. Bring on any roasted meats for the perfect match!



Roasted Malts


Coffee, toffee,

Balanced Bitterness


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